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TUECOM is an online ecommerce business incubator project available exclusively to Certified Retail Tobacconists.  

TUECOM: turnkey ecommerce websites for Certified Retail Tobacconist companies.
Any brick and mortar retailer with at least one Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) is qualified to purchase a TUECOM website; we define this as an Active CRT. You will own the website/code, domain and control the server where the website is hosted. In addition, you will not pay TU any commissions on your sales. The introductory basic TUECOM website cost is $4,500.  We are always developing Addons and Plugins which will be available to you at a preset low cost: so you can evolve and create an online business to suit your vision.  

Note: all of the prices we offer are based on the exclusive use of our development and credit card processing teams. This is important because we can only deliver these low cost services/products by maintaining the integrity of our code, technology stacks, and systems.  While we encourage you to use any developers/programmers you choose, prices for TUECOM Addons and Plugins may increase if you use outside programmers on your site because this can complicate programming challenges for our select developers and programmers.

TUECOM websites are customized and fully functional ecommerce websites with shopping cart, payment processing, and initial cigar database integration. Your TUECOM site comes preloaded with our Certified Cigar Reviews Benchmark Cigars Database, which will allow you to immediately start  selling products without cumbersome product entry. You can also enter your own cigars and enhance your product listings by creating mini - Certified Cigar Reviews, adding inventory quantities, custom images and prices. In addition, you can add as many new products to your database as you like.

The Basic TUECOM Website Includes
• Your company logo, contact info, links, mapping, etc... 

• A Cigar Department preloaded with Benchmark Cigars Database which allows you to start selling on DAY 1; automatically populated from the Certified Cigar Reviews website*

• Homepage, contact/about us page, product pages, privacy page, FAQ page, terms and conditions page, customer login/profile pages, email capture feature, and more.

• Integrated shopping cart, best practices security, age verification, and next business day payment low cost credit card (cc) processing provider. Our cc processing company is dedicated to the luxury tobacco industry and provides what we believe to be the best rates in the industry. We are so confident you will love their rates that you will probably want them to process all of your retail sales, but this is not required. If you choose to use another cc processing company there will be increased costs associated with the initial website deployment as well as integrating any new Addons, Plugins and custom programming.

• Backend/CMS: includes custom upload features for product sliders and featured products. In addition, your backend shows sales, customer/payment/order management info, coupon customization, and basic search engine optimization (seo) features.

• 10 hours of custom programming from our development team so you can add your own images, content and brand personalization as well as any instruction you may need.

The Certified Cigar Reviews (CCR) website is a free platform available exclusively to Certified Tobacconists.  The CCR website allows you to create Certified Cigar Reviews which can be be used to promote your self/company/products online (ie. social media) and to create Shelf Talkers and Tear Sheets for in-store use.    

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