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You Own 100%

You own your TUECOM website, it resides at your domain, on your own servers and you pay no commissions to TU.


Preloaded For Success

Your TUECOM website comes customized with cigar database, shopping cart, low cost payment processing and much more...


Unlimited Growth

Expand your business beyond your walls and grow your mail order sales with TUECOM addons and plugins - on demand!

Create your TUECOM website now and be selling online in a week!

As a TU CRT company, we already have your logo, address, phone, internet and social media links, and a list of your tobacconists. Create your TUECOM site now and our team of developers and CC processors will strive to have your site live within two weeks: saving you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and priceless time!

Why TUECOM? Fight Fire With Fire!

Have you noticed that the largest cigar manufacturers now own the biggest retailers and mail order websites? Independent retailers like you are building and selling brands for your competition! Facebook and other social media won't let you market, advertise or sell your products online! Payment platforms like Paypal won't allow you to sell cigars! Web marketplace companies like Shopify won’t allow you to sell cigars using their payment portals yet they will still take a percentage of your sales if you try and they will charge you annual fees for the privilege! And you still don’t own the code/website! Furthermore, they can (and will) arbitrarily decide to stop hosting you and your business will disappear in an instant!

TUECOM exists to empower you to own and control
your own ecommerce website!


Addons & Plugins

We are working on low-cost and scalable enhancements to your ecommerce website.   Stay tuned for new departments, inventory reports, cigar of the month clubs, OTP tax features, gamification and much more...

Coming Soon!

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